How to maintain Aluminum Billet Homogenizing Furnace

1) The parts lubrication for homogenizing furnace: the rolling bearing should be lubricated with calcium base grease; the chain and reducer are lubricated with 40# oil.

2) Maintains of homogenizing furnace:

a. Operator should operate this machine following the established operational program.

b. Operator should clean the furnace after using everyday.

c. The tightness of each chain should be appropriate and can be adjusted by tension


d. Regularly lubricate the motion parts.

e. Regularly check the steel rope and replace it immediately if there is any damage.

3) Check the air impermeability of gas line every month.

4)Check the gas net filter and see whether it is blocked every 3 months.

5) Regularly check the impermeability of gas valve and clean it. It is advised to clean it one

time every month with cotton fabric and anhydrous alcohol.

6) Before starting the machine, check the gas inlet pressure and used gas pressure.

7) Close the general gas boll valve when production is discontinuous. When open the

valve, please open 1/6 of it, until the gas gradually fills in the gas pipe, open the valve

completely, or the gas pressure reducing valve will be damaged.

8) Check the tightness of blower belt every month; for new machine, it must be checked

every week.

9) Check the blower bearing and remaining oil capacity every month.

10)Please don’t start up or stop the circulating blower frequently,or it will damages the starter.

11) Check the heating phenomenon when the blower operating; if overheating, please find out the reason.

12) Check the tightness of stainless plate inside of the furnace every month; for a new machine, it must be checked every week.

13) Check the tightness of furnace door every month.

14)Check the cooling water system and see whether it is blocked every month.

15)Regularly check the pressure of compressed air and the water draining of triplet.

16)Check the steel rope of furnace door and travel limited switch every month; for new machine, it must be checked every month.

17) Regularly check the circuit condition.

18)Regularly check whether the micro ammeter is in good condition.

19)Check the power winding reel and cable guide pulley of 3D cart every month; if the cable skin is broken, please replace it.

20)Regularly check whether the approximate switch is sensitive.

21)Regularly check the tightness of hydraulic pipeline for 3D cart.

22)There will appear temperature uneven if the capacity of charging material is small;please carefully observe the temperature uniformity and stop charging when the temperature uniformity difference is terrible in the furnace or the billet will be melting.

23) Under the condition of starting the machine, please make sure the supply of gas,compressed air and cooling water .

24)Before starting the machine, please check whether the air regulator plate of combustion blower is in the suitable place. Prohibit igniting in the condition of regulator plate closing or there will be explosion.

25)Regularly check whether the two electrodes of burner are sensitive. They can not be carbonized.

26) Regularly check whether the electrical appliance is in good condition and sensitive.

27) If some parts operating abnormal and appearing noise, please timely check,preventing from working abnormally. The wear parts and travel switch should be replaced timely.

28)Regularly check the spray system of cooling chamber whether it is


29) Normal maintenance: check one time each half an year——one year. Please discharge the chain for cleaning and replace the grease of rolling bearing, replace the wear parts and reassemble to test operation.

30)Complete maintenance: it is necessary to have a complete maintenance if the furnace is used for a long time (for example: more than 5 years). Clean all motion parts, replace all wear parts. According to the operation, when necessary, replace work chain, steel rope,roll bearing and other parts, reinstall, commissioning and painting.

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