About us

We ROYAL,professional aluminium extrusion die manufacturers,aluminium extrusion mould maker, fabricante de matriz de extrusión de aluminio,aluminium extrusion tooling manufactuer,located in the Jiangyin city, it was founded in 2003 and we are a high tech enterprise specializing in R& D and production of copper/aluminum/magnesium profile hot extrusion die.Royal employees more than 80 skilled workers,and employees 20 more professional engineers,own more than 150 sets precision CNC machining equipments,EDM,electric spark,drilling machine etc,enable us annual production capacity of nearly 50,000 sets of extrusion dies and toolings.

Srong design capability:

Aluminium Extrusion Die Steel:

1.Brand China special die steel supplier

2.Imported Sweden 8407

3.Imported Japan SKD61


Main Machine List:
Wire EDM
EDM Electron Discharge Machine
Vertical Machining Centre
CNC Larthe
Horizontal Boring Lathe
Three Coordinate Measuring Machine
Gerneral Lathe
Precision Internal Cylindrical Grinder
Precision Face Grinder
Precision External Cylindrical Grinder
Wire Cut EDM
Horizontal Larthe
Vertical Knee Type Milling Machine
Double Platform Semiautomatic Drilling


Our Services:

When order confirmed,we will send you drawings for approval,then start production.
We offer quick delivery for customers to meet production requirements
We offer die correction advices if needed
For long term cooperated customer,we send engineer for site instruction
Professional in complex dies for heatsink,industrial building,automobile,large dies and tungsten steel die(insert die) for round tube etc


Necessary drawings for extrusion die before order:
For each press the extrusion plant should supply the die maker with the following datas.
1 .Type of press:Container diameter,Billet type and size
2 .Tooling specifications:Tool assembly details and drawings,Available bolsters drawings,Available die sizes and die blank drawings for each press
3 .Tooling assembly requirements and details:Register with tolerances,Pins and dowels,Lifting holes


How to place a extrusion die order to Royal, please provide the following information:
Die Order (die number, number of cavities, size,)
Feeder ,Die plate/mandrel , backer/ die cap thickness what you need(for example: solid die 180x100mm, feeder30,die plate 40, backer 30 )AUTOCAD profile drawings sent by e-mail
Support Tooling
To make a bolster or fit existing bolster
Billet diameter and press size
Special information (welding points, exposed surfaces etc.)
Billet type and size alloy)


What we manufacturing:
Aluminium extrusion die
Heat sink aluminium extrusion die
Large size aluminium extrusion die
Insert die for round tube making
Instrial section extrusion die
Window and door extrusion die
Magnesium extrusion die
Copper extrusion die

Aluminium extrusion container with/without heating elements
Aluminium extrusion container container locking ring
Aluninium extrusion die ring
Die holder
Insert bolster
Extrusion stem
Floating dummy block
Loose dummy block
Fixed dummy block
Butt shear etc.