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How to avoid aluminium extrusion leakage?

How to avoid aluminium extrusion leakage?

How to avoid aluminium extrusion leakage?

Because of oil leakage,low locking force,bad assembly,wrong die design,all the metal flow will not runout from die,some will dicharge from extrusion container.The aluminium waste will appear,and we should stop press to repair!

What are the reasons of aluminum extrusion leakage ?

1.there is one problem of one way valve of lock system,main cylinder oil leak and cannot reset.the lock force is not enough.Generally the burp pressure should be 8-12MPa.If the pressure is larger,leakage will happen.And dummy block and extrusion container alighment will change. For thin wall thickness,needs larger force,leakage easily happen.

2.No suitable alignment,and after long-term working,the dummy block and extursion liner wear away,the tolerance will change,as a result the assembly will be worse,leakage easily happen.

3.If die design is not reasonable,the extrusion force will be large,the metal flow will leak easily!

How to avoid aluminum extrusion leakage ?

1.Adjust locking system and alignment

2.firtly,replace dummy block,if there is same problem then replace extrusion liner.

3.keep container and die clean

4.Improve die design,for example we can design leakage stage(necessary for large size die,not for all size dies),see below

4.Special for thin wall thick extrusion leakage

1).Increase lock force

2).To reduce weld chamber height and short bearing length

3).Control the Si and Mg at lowest limit

4).If more than one presses can be used for extruding work,we should use small press for work

5).Use cone-shape assembly for extrusion container and die,to make extrusion container and die more close.

If you have any question in working,welcome to share your experiences,we can find effective solution together.

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