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You really know aluminum extrusion die trial and correction

You really know aluminum extrusion die trial and correction

What should we do for aluminum extrusion die trial?

1.Before extrusion working,check die and billet temperature to meet processing requirement or not,and for die heating,to keep temp uniform,gap between dies should be suitable.

2. Confirm the die in center,otherwise die will be broken or jammed.

3.For different dies,choose suitable extrusion speed,not fast.

4.Check billet metallographic phase and alloy components,to ensure billet under good quality conditions,otherwise maybe impurity will damage dies.

Special notes for die trial :

1.First of all consider die strength then to correct dies.Generally we donot consider welding method,because welding will reduce die life.For fast and slow flow,generally speed up slow part,not reduce slow part.To decrease die strength burden to improve die life.

2.After heating dies,when getting out dies,must care the weak part such as pin hole,otherwise die will be broken.

3.When handling dies,avoid impacting die bearing,and before assembly die in holder,must carefully check die if there is crack or breaking etc

4.When die working finished,must record data such as die correction,processing etc,and keep part sections for future checking.these can help produce same model dies quickly and improve finished product rate.


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