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You really know how to maintain Single billet heating furnace?

You really know how to maintain Single billet heating furnace?

1.Daily maintenance and management

1)Because natural gas has the danger of inflammability and explosibility, please appoint the specialized workers to operate and maintain the machine.Be sure to check the air impermeability of gas pipeline every month.

2)Please check the gas filter to see whether it is blocked every 3 months.

3)Please regularly check the impermeability of gas valve and clean it with cotton fabric and anhydrous alcohol every 3 months.

4)Before starting the machine, please check the gas inlet pressure and gas pressure during the operation.

5)Close the general gas ball valve when production is discontinuous. When open the valve, please open 1/6 of it at first, after the gas gradually fills the gas pipe, open the valve completely. Do not open the ball valve in one step, or the gas pressure reducing valve will be damaged.

6)Be sure to check the tightness of blower belt every month; for new machine, it must be checked every week.

7)Be sure to check whether the blower cooling water is open before starting the machine.

8)Check whether the cooling water system is blocked every month.

9)Check the blower bearing and it’s remaining oil amount every month.

10)Check the heating phenomenon of the blower when it’s running; if overheating,please find out the reason.

11)Check the tightness of furnace door and cylinder condition every month.

12)Regularly check the pressure of compressed air and the water draining of triplet.

13)Regularly check the tightness of hydraulic pipeline.

14)When the machine it’s running, please ensure the supply of gas, compressed air and cooling water.

15)Before starting the machine everyday, please check whether the air adjusting plate of combustion blower is in the suitable place. Do not close the adjusting plate for ignition, or there will be explosion.

16)Regularly check whether the flame detector is sensitive. Please replace it if there is any abnormal.

17)Regularly check whether the electrical appliance and circuit are sensitive and complete.Any abnormity, please stop and machine and repair it.

18)If some parts is operating abnormal and appearing noise, please check and repair it timely, ill operation is not allowed.The quick-wear parts and travel switch should be replaced timely.

19)Please check the lubrication condition of column of thermal cylinder and the firm degree of thermal bulb every week.

20)Regularly check up the point of thermocouple needle, because the needle goes insider of the billet to measure the temperature, so it should keep the point.

21)Small maintenance: six months to a year. Check and maintain the driven parts and valves, clean up the sundries, add lubricant and filter hydraulic oil, clean up the sundries in oil cooler. Oper the furnace cover and check the condition of insulation

cotton and the flexibility of rollers inside furnace. Also check the melting loss condition of ignition gun and big combustion gun and make sure that seal ring of big combustion gun is not aging.

22)Complete maintenance: after the furnace has been used for a long time(such as more than 5 years), it’s a must to have a complete maintenance. Clean all moving parts, replace all quick-wear parts. According to the operation, update the searling

parts when necessary, and reinstall, commissioning and painting.

2. Trouble analysis and solution

1) Small fire ignition failure

If the ignition fails for 4 or more times, please take out the ignition gun and adjust it manually, check whether the ignition components are broken;whether there is any problem of connected circuit; whether the ignition transformer is discharging; whether ignition electrode has gap; whether the combustion pipeline and air pipeline are tapped; Check the mixed proportion of air and gas. The flame adjustment must has proper stiffness, or over soft flame can easily die out.

2) Thermocouple breakage

Temperature compensation wire is open circuit; the temperature measuring needle fails to measure the billet; check whether the billet in the furnace chamber is misplaced or not; check whether the thermal bulb fall off.

3)Big fire is not big enough or heating speed falls behind

Firstly, check the pressure inside furnace: negtive pressure or possitive pressure, if it is negtive pressure, turn down the open degree of manual butterfly valve lightly to reduce the fume, adjust the adjusting screw on the mixer (outward rotation means

reduce the LPG consumption, inward rotation means enlarge the LPG consumption).Please bear in mind that you should not adjust too fast, and should finish the regulation step by step and slowly. Or increase the open degree of manual ball valve and manual air butterfly valve to add the air and gas flow proportion to reach the increasing of combustion rate.

4)Charging mechanism does not work

The electrical eye fails to detect the billet (please adjust the detection distance to the proper place); the billet pusher didn’t return to the final location; the buffer frame didn’t move to the front limit, and the photoelectric switch of the billet feeding trough

was covered by the dust or the hydraulic valve is tapped.

5)Main shear doesn’t work

Ejection back cylinder and ejection out cylinder didn’t retreat to the limit, or the billet length was not set in the once cycle, the overflow vavel or hydraulic valve of the main shear is blocked.

6)Once cycle no action

Without setting billet length; furnace door failed to open to the limited positon; the buffer board failed to retreat to the limited position, the billet turnover of feeding table didn’t go down to the limited position, billet pushing forward limit is damaged.

7)Ejection back cylinder doesn’t work

Furnace door or the fixed shear didn’t open to the limit; the main shear wasn’t at the forward limit position or the blanking board wasn’t at the up limit position.

8)Ejection out cylinder doesn’t work

Moveable shear didn’t open to the limit; the main shear is not at the forward limit position, billet loader is not in the push limit position, the billet turnover device of the shear mouth is not in the drop limit position, the hydraulic valve is blocked.

9)Blower overload

Please check the fastening and tightness of blower impeller and bearing.

10)Valve air leakage

Please check the valve manually and operate the machine only after the problem has been solved.

11)Breakdown alarm of overtop gas pressure

Please check the outlet gas pressure of the reducing valve; if the valve is damaged please replace it, or please regulate the measure range of gas high pressure for electric contact.

12)Breakdown alarm of gas pressure is too low

Please check gas flow supply; if the pressure is normal please check the filter.

13)Alarm of overtop furnace pressure

Please check whether the electric actuator of smoke butterfly valve is operating, whether the furnace pressure transmitter is damaged or “zero” point draft appears.When the furnace is cold, please open the furnace door to achieve equal pressure inside and outside of furnace, and then adust the “Z” of the pressure transmitter to “zero”. If there are damaged please replace them; if all are normal, the alarm still exists, please check whether the fume pipe is blocked.

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