Aluminum extruder testing equipment and tools

1,Spectrometer, spectrophotometer , sample preparation miller, grinder etc.

2,Alloy metallographic equipment: metallographic microscope and metallographic analysis software, cutting machine, mosaic machine, grinding machine, polishing machine and the corresponding wearing parts.

3,The roughness meter, projectors, video cameras, altimeters and other conventional gauges.

4,Brinell hardness, Wechsler hardness, pasteurizer hardness testing equipment.

5,Anodizing film thickness test machine(eddy current thickness gauge), oxide film adhesion test (Baige knife), gloss test (gloss meter), color detection (color difference meter).

6,Aluminum testing machine: universal testing machine (pull, pressure, bending), the cup convex test machine (ductility), high temperature creep testing machine.

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