Aluminum extrusion puller breakdowns and solutions Routine Maintenance of Extrusion Pullers(below from Castool) Daily: 1. Observe operation of the puller for several cycles, to see that it functions correctly and smoothly and starts and stops without undue impact. Note any problems. 2. Check that the puller travels in a level plane, that the speed and tension are […]

Operation of well type nitriding furnace and Fault analysis for aluminium extruison die nitriding treatment 1.Preparations before operation 1),Check whether the elements (include temp. Controller, gauge, fan motor, furnace door open/close mechanism and power) are working well. 2),Clear all the sundries out of furnace and check whether the thermocouple and divider are in it position. […]

How to deal with aluminum extrusion seam weld line (or seam welding line)? 1.What is seam weld line? For hollow type profile extruding,there is line on the surface,we call that seam weld line,actually it is not weldling line,it should be joint line. 2.what are the effects of seam weld line? Seam weld line will appear […]

Automotive & Railway Aluminum Extrusion Die Design Analysis Cases With the rapid development of science and technology,in recent years a variety of aluminum extrusions are used for automotive and railway transportation industry.For energy conservation and environmental protection, lightweight, material utilization,aluminum is playing an important role. For special lightweight requirement,new sections are developed such as:5A02、5754、6005、6005A、6082 etc,shape like […]