Before beginning the modernization project, ask these questions:

1.What is the structural condition of the main press components, and what is their remaining life? (see Chapter 4 – Inspecting and Repairing Major Components). The plan should Include the cost of replacing any failing components in the project cost estimate.

2.What is the estimated total cost of all modernization projects and repair/replacement of the major press components? Even is all items in the plan will not be done immediately,consider the total plan for the long term.

3.What would be the cost for a new press of comparable capacity? Consider the total cost including installation, less the resale value of the old press.

4.Which is the better investment over many years — replacement or modernization? Consider the improved performance, lower maintenance, and improved life of the new press.

5.Are the press feed line and after-press handling systems capable of handling any increase in press capacity that may result from press improvement projects?Otherwise, the cost of eliminating these bottlenecks must be included in the total project cost.

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