Aluminium extrusion die heater die heating furnace

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Aluminium extrusion die heater die heating furnace

Aluminum extrusion die heater is used for pre-heating the aluminum extrusion die before profile extrusion.


1.Introdduction of  Aluminium extrusion die heater

Outside of furnace shell is welded by normal steel plate and shape steel. internal furnace welded by heat-resisting  steel plate, intermediate filled with high temperature cotton as insulation material, outer surface with high temperature cotton to insulated once more. innermost layer of each chamber is divided by steel plate.There are weld hooks on each end ,high aluminum tube covered electric heating wire placed on it .Lining plate installed infrared radiation plate which is made by high temperature mechanical plate. Radiation plate has the dual effect of heat insulation and radiation,lower energy consumption . After the heating body generates heating ,except for direct heat transfer into the through hole ,the hot air circulation fan can transfer the heat generated by the heating body through air into the furnace to heat the mould quickly and uniformly. There set two thermal couple to test temperature ,temperature control and over temperature alarming.

Fan of die oven adopts high temperature stainless steel vane , axis and bearing,still and dynamic balancing adjustment to reach low noise and stable running effect. And add water cooling and air cooling device around the high temperature bearing to control the heat of oven given off with the axis .

2. Technics Brief  of Aluminium extrusion die heater

2.1 In mold preparation area,open the door of the furnace, use the mould conveying device (electric hoist) to lift the mold to the die loading area and place it in the die heating chamber, close the door of the furnace and tighten the the furnace cover, and complete the loading process of a set of mould.

2.2 Start the electric heater, according to the set process temperature for heating and insulation of the mold, the process is automatically controlled by PID.

2.3 The loading process of other chambers is the same as above. When the mold of a chamber is heated and the mold is needed, open the door of the furnace and transport the mold to the die-changing area of the extruder with a mold conveying device (electric hoist). If there are moulds that need to be heated, you can continue to install the furnace to heat and heat preservation.

3.Main body structure of Aluminium extrusion die heater

Mold heating furnace includes box body, hot air circulation and diversion device, electric heating element, furnace door (bottom) and door sealing mechanism. Furnace door seal with aluminum silicate braided disc root (with stainless steel wire inside)

.Resistance wire heating element of Aluminium extrusion die heater

Resistance wire (with spiral rod core) heating element installed around the inner wall of the furnace (except fan side), which is characterized by high installation power, easy installation and maintenance, easy repair and disassembly. The specially designed hot air circulation system takes away the heat from the surface of the electric wire rapidly, and the resistance wire has a long life.

5.Air circulation system of Aluminium extrusion die heater

The system is the key to ensure the uniformity of heating speed and temperature of the mould to meet the technological requirements. The uniform circulation of furnace gas is carried out by means of a special diversion device.

6.Diversion device of Aluminium extrusion die heater

Including the internal hot air system diversion plate and distributor, the diversion system can effectively improve the air flow distribution, improve the furnace temperature uniformity, and has a special diversion process.

7.Heating system

The resistance wire is characterized by simple installation, large power, convenient maintenance and maintenance, and special air-guiding wind edge, which makes it easier to exude heat, prevent local overburning, and prolong the life of the resistance wire.

8.Furnace door opening system

The pneumatic system of furnace door opening adopts the unique pneumatic system of pilot buffer valve and the domestic famous pneumatic valve, which makes the opening and pressing of the furnace door stable and reliable.

9.Furnace cover seal

The specially designed double-row high-temperature asbestos rope seal is based on the field experience. Compared with the traditional seal, the seal is very reliable and has almost no heat spill loss from the furnace door.

10.Electronic control system

10.1 Low-voltage apparatus:Air switches, small contactors, thermal relays, buttons, indicator lamp, etc. Schneider (joint venture) products and Changan products

10.2 Electronic control cabinet the thickness of the steel plate shall not be less than 1.5 mm,surface spraying treatment,door shall be reinforced and sealed.

10.3 Terminal strip (Germany) Wade Miller, Wanke or the same quality products, cabinet wiring must comply with national standards, components clearly labeled, durable, wire number (including the main circuit and control loop) complete

10.4 Electrical and control systems are designed to ensure the integrity, reliability and accuracy of the control function of the entire equipment. The design and manufacture of electrical system should be in accordance with the IEC  international electrical standard, and the three-level interface should be reserved in the system design(ERP).

10.5 The system has the functions of manual, automatic operation, fault diagnosis and detection, overtemperature alarm, important data display and record, etc., and production report function.

10.6 With a good man-machine interface, easy to use and operation. The designed electronic control system should be concise and easy to maintain. Control, monitoring and troubleshooting systems provided must cover all electrical equipment

10.7 The operation of the whole equipment is stable and reliable, in which the comprehensive reliability of the electrical control system≥99.7%


Equipment List of Complete Aluminum Extrusion Production Line:

1.Aluminium extrusion press

2.Aluminium billet heating furnace

3.Aluminium extrusion die heater

4.Aluminium extrusion profile handling table

5.Aluminium  extrusion puller

6.Aluminium extrusion aging oven

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