Aluminium Extrusion Press Machine 2500T

  • aluminium extrusion press
  • aluminium extrusion press

2500T aluminium extrusion press machine

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2500T aluminium extrusion press machine

Our company are able to produce complete aluminium extrusion press machine line from aluminium extrusion press,aluminium billet heating furnace,aluminium extrusion die oven,single puller,double puller,aluminium profile handling system and also including the aluminium melting furnace and billet casting machines.The machines tonnage can be from 630T TO 10000T. Thus satisfying our clients’ requirements effectively and with high quality standards, making our company one of the China leaders as suppliers for the extrusion industry.


Product Features:
1.For aluminium extrusion press,once the desired shape for the finished profile has been developed and the appropriate aluminum alloy selected, an aluminium extrusion die, and associated tooling, is produced.

2.The actual aluminium extrusion press process begins when the press ram starts applying pressure to the billet within a container. the pressure capacity of a specific press determines how large an extrusion it can produce.

3.As pressure is applied, the aluminium extrusion press billet is first crushed against the die, becoming shorter and wider until its expansion is restricted by the container walls. Then, as the pressure increases, the soft (but still solid) aluminum has no place else to go and begins to squeeze out through the shaped die to emerge on the other side as a fully formed profile.

4.The formed profile is cut off at the aluminium extrusion die and the remainder of the metal is removed to be recycled. After it leaves the aluminium extrusion die, the still-hot extrusion may be quenched, mechanically treated, and aged to impart desired metallurgical properties and physical performance.

5.After sufficient aging work, whether in an aging oven or at room temperature, the profiles are moved to other areas of the plant and may be finished (painted or anodized), fabricated (cut, machined, bent, welded, assembled), or packed for












Total power for Aluminium extrusion press(KW) 540KW
Working pressure(Mpa) 21Mpa
Aluminumbillet size φ230mm x 1000mm
Plunger diameter φ1180mm
Main assistant cylinder size φ250mm x φ180mm
 Extrusion Container cylinder size φ250mm x φ140mm x 4
 Shear cylinder specification φ220mm x φ140mm
 Discharge gete size φ310mm x 380mm
Extermal measurement 16000x4800x6000mm
Height of center 1895mm
Die slide specification φ460mm x 450
Oil tank size 11.5㎡
Plate heat exchanger 50㎡
Dead cycle 26s
 total weight 205Ton


Equipment List of Complete Aluminum Extrusion Production Line:

1.Aluminium extrusion press

2.Aluminium billet heating furnace

3.Aluminium extrusion die heater

4.Aluminium extrusion profile handling table

5.Aluminium  extrusion puller

6.Aluminium extrusion aging oven


Equipment list for Complete turnkey plant aluminium extrusion press machine line

1.Features of aluminium extrusion Press

1).High rate of finished products
2).High production capacity
3). low breakdown rate and quick service
4).easy operation

2.Aluminium extrusion die heater

Die oven use infrared heating structure, energy saving, high efficiency, low consumption
Before extrusion, the die of profile must be preheating, after heating and keeping temperature, send to extrusion press.
Adopts drawer type, side opening door, one working chamber. Use crane to carry mould, before put mould, manually open oven door through pneumatic cylinder, then put mould inside of chamber, close door, start electricity heating system, then start heat-up(must preheating chamber when first time heating mould). After reaching sized value of temperature(normally it is 480ºC), keep heating, then open furnace door, draw out mould to send for extrusion press.
Infrared die oven use several carbon electricity rods to heat, play a part in high efficiency, energy saving features. At the back of carbon rods, there is infrared radiation plate, which can radiate to furnace chamber. Heating body is made of radiation plate and carbon rods, through radiation to transfer energy to furnace chamber, steel suction energy , then transfer magnetic energy to another heating method, during heating, reducing thermal pressure of steel, thermal exhaustion of temperature changing, also reducing thick parcel and carbon-removing because of oxidation for steel.

3.Aluminium billet heating furnace with vertical hot shear/horizontal hot shear/hot saw
a, energy saving type of backward rod pusing type heat shears
b, energy-saving heat recovery devic -saving industrial combustion machine
d.Automatic thermal cutting machine
2.Die oven/heater,and nitriding furnace

4.Extrustion dies and toolings
find die and tooling introduction please.

5.Puller(Single/double type)
to insure the press machine to continuously extruding, do not need to consider the non-extrusion time, do not need to stop machine for profile cutting, hence able to highly improve the production efficiency and finished product rate.
In order to meat different tonnage of extrusion line, we developed “Up-Down Double Rail” and “Horizontal Double Rail” 2 kinds, which able to suit extrusion line small

Features:Crimping pliers,Pneumatic pliers,Hydraulic pressure pliers,Manual rotatary,Electric rotary Electric or Hydraulic rotary

7.Handling table/cooling table

1).Handling table used for profile out, cooling ,storage and profile length sized.
Including initial table, handling table, profile take out table, cooling table, profile transmission table, stretcher,storage table, saw table, finished saw, length sized table, electrical control system etc. Four level transmission.

2).Handling table and sawing table roller ‘s table is welded by high strength plate
3).Lifter of handling table and sawing table adopts sloping sliding lifting ,reasonable structure, high efficiency, beautiful surface
4).Profile runout table, cooling table, transmission table, storage table is ringlike transmission, transmission roller use double shaft design, let each ringlike belt can change individual, easy for maintenance. The aluminum beam is fixed on rack, at the end of aluminum beam, do not use big plywood ,less wearing parts, more reasonable design, easy maintenance.
5).Length sized trolley use special linear sliding seat ,walking on round steel rail, sliding seat at 260°angle to lock rail, avoiding trolley damage because of profile collide.

8.Quntching system

1).Online air / water quenching equipment
2).Drenching spray air cooled joint quenching system
3).Spray water-cooled cooling system

9.Aging oven.

1).The whole control system consist of aging oven control system and trolley control system, in order to finish loading profile, heating, unloading profile etc.Realize precisely control for aging oven, in intelligent operation panel to set and revise parameters, this control system have continuous protection, alarm control function.


2).Aging oven use LPG heat, heating parts is Gas burner and other matching parts, heating system is safe, reliable and stable. Temperature testing use three thermal couple in main control, three thermal couple inside of furnace for testing profile, temperature control and monitor use SR93 intelligent meter.

3).Each zone has one circulation fan , use relay control, guarantee that hot air circulation to satisfy requirement.


4).Safety and continuous control,Safety protection including motor over-current, over -load, over-temperature, over -position for furnace door, gas high and low pressure protection

5).Alarm information consist of over-temperature, over-position of furnace door

6).Trolley system controlled by relay, can finish the work of profile entry, profile back etc.

7).Furnace door lifting dynamic is one set of reducer, through chain or steel rope to drive furnace door, guarantee that door move precisely.


VI.Company Introduction:

We ROYAL focus on supply the complete copper and aluminium extrusion equipment and related spare parts,such as aluminium extrusion press,aluminium profile extrusion production line, single puller,double puller,cooling table,billet heating furnace,hot shear,hot sawing machine, die heater, aging oven, aluminium melting furnace, aluminium billet casting line, aluminium dross recycling machine,and aluminium profile polishing machine,aluminium profile powder coating line, aluminium profile anodizing line,aluminium wood transfer machine,also we supply aluminium extrusion parts and toolings,aluminium extrusion die,extrusion container,container locking ring,extrusion stem,loose dummy block,fixed dummy block,butt shear,hight tempreature roller sleeve,endless belt etc.

We ROYAL focus on research, design, manufacture, development and export of aluminium profiles extrusion production machinery and supply related spare parts.We not only can supply the complete equipment of aluminium extrusion production project and offer very competitive price to suit budget with thoughtful aftersale service.

In addition, we have experienced engineers with over 30 years experience,can offer professional extrusion technology suggestions and consultation for the equipment selection, plant layout design and product manufacturing.At the same time, we have our own special foreign installation team for line installation,commissioning and training etc.

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