Aluminium extrusion profile sand blasting machine

Aluminium extrusion profile sand blasting machine

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Aluminum extrusion profile sand blasting machine, aluminum extrusion short sand blasting machine, aluminum sand blasting machinery



Aluminum profile sand blasting machine is a special equipment for the surface of the aluminum profiles. Through the sand blasting treatment, which can remove the surface line and scratch on the aluminum profiles surface, improve the appearance quality and coloring adhesion, so that we can get the result that improve the products quality.

Work piece on the input position, through the roller conveyer, going through the shot blasting chamber in uniform speed. Turn on the shot blasting device, then the blast wheel star to work. The surface of work piece will get consistent roughness after impacting of the ball in high speed. The ball will be sifted through the circulation and separation system, the dust will be absorbed, filtered and discharged through the dedusting system.

Appropriate shot blasting volume, low consumption blasting wheel, can significantly improve blasting efficiency, satisfactory quality of cleaning.The layout mode of the shot blasting chamber and blast wheel is determined after the computer simulation of projectile, which is comprehensive and thorough for the sand blasting pieces.Drip bag dust collector, high efficiency for the dust collecting, low consumption, good cleaning regeneration performance, low cost, convenient replacement and maintenance.Using separation device which took eddy current pneumatic separation way, separating the dust, effective shot materials, aluminum oxide, broken materials from the large particles, that makes the work piece good appearance, high efficiency and consistent quality.Automatic unloading sand system use air pressure, air cylinder, automatic unloading plate, motor, automatic feeding rack, which is to facilitate the unloading by workers, to prevent the loss of sand and to prevent the wear and tear of the work piece in the process of manually unloading sand.



1.The maximum shotting section: width 1050mm high 240 (mm).

2.The largest lifting weight of  lifting & pouring sand table: 200kg

3.Output: a maximum of 30 tons / day

4.Sandblasting quality: the same as imported sandblasting machine

5.Aluminum consumption <1kg / ton

6.Stainsteel ball loss: 0.8 ~ 1.5kg / ton (using imported stainless steel ball, counting to 1mm thick profiles

7.Power consumption: about 35 kw/hour.

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