Double Head Aluminium Extrusion Puller Double Puller Two Head Double Puller

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Aluminium extrusion puller double puller

This Aluminium extrusion puller double puller is used to extrusion profile traction and cutting operation.Two up-and-down distributed pulling heads walk and pull aluminium profile on their own tracks independently, and the independent automatic cutting saw (Interrupt saw)matches with pulling heads to cut the aluminium profile automatically . Interrupt saw can also be used separately according to process requirements . Provide one aluminium profile single cutting, one profile multiple sawing, multi profiles one cutting,single traction, automatic cuts etc eight kinds of operation mode, PLC and vector frequency conversion or servo torch control of traction, the operator only for inputting traction force value, will synchronized constant tension pull profile with the extrusion discharging speed. Profiles from the cavity pulled straightly and smoothly and cooling under tension, prevent the profile of variable length, suspension, distortion, so as to improve the yield of profile and surface quality.

Multiple profiles extrusion metal flow evenly, single profile extrusion can make speed up the part of the slow metal flow in the mold sizing belt , so that the metal flow evenly on whole cross section, can compensate 5% of flow speed; This Aluminium extrusion puller double puller To reduce 3% of the waste than single puller , To reduce 7% of the waste than no puller

As a system, Aluminium extrusion puller double puller,3heads double puller does not need to rely on the no extruding cycle to rearrange the next extruding cycle, can provide higher output, while reducing waste. cut the profiles by independent auto amputating saw synchronize with pull head , also available for urgent use alone, provide greater flexibility.Full automatic control, Cutting in the section lines non-stop, reach the purpose of continuous discharge and increase production capacity and quality. Profile cutting automatic spray lubrication, in order to improve the cutting speed and cross section quality and prolong the service life of saw blade. The closed sawing design,recovery rate of aluminum chip can reach more than 95%. Therefore, this machine is indispensable in modern efficient aluminum production line equipment.


1.Traverse track double heads pulling

A.For Aluminium extrusion puller double puller,Two pulling heads distributed on their own tracks individually,and applicable to more shorter initial table.
B. The respective tracks of the two pulling heads are independently fixed and disconnected. It effectively avoids the impact of track vibration caused by the high speed return head on the current pulling discharge, resulting in the profile shock marks.
C. The high-precision square steel track is welded on the inspection platform. Through the computer finite element analysis, the tractor head with lightweight design moves smoothly on its track.
D. The lifting action of the pulling head is line rail vertical lifting. Make the volume of pulling rise / drop smaller before high speed return, make it return faster.
E. The clamping action of the pulling head adopts the self-locking clamp of the curved tooth cutter, which can hold the thin material such as “l” and “o” shape perfectly without distortion and distortion.

2.Aluminium extrusion puller double puller Independent automatic interrupt saw
A. Independent automatic interrupt saw not been set on the pulling head, It makes pulling head weight less, pull more smoothly.
B. Vertical cutting design makes the engine body be placed in the underface of discharging center, The machine structure is not eccentric, sawing movement is more stable, and head of traction resistance with smaller.recovery rate of aluminum chip can reach more than 95%
C. Horizontal cutting design suitable for more wide aluminium profile section, saw blade with lower stress and longer life,more efficient sawing.
D. Atomization nozzle lubrication saw blade, saw blade life is longer, profile section is more smooth
E. When the pulling heads meet problem but production are urgently needed or traction is not required,it can be used respectively as automated cutting saw

3.Aluminium extrusion puller double puller Corresponding hydraulic system design
A. All actions of pulling head are using vehicle hydraulic power station
B. When pull profiles, , oil pump stop working ,can make the oil temperature is not too high, and can save energy consumption.
C. Hydraulic pipeline arrangement use steel towline ,and it is simple and reasonable, maintenance is convenient.

4.Aluminium extrusion puller double puller Reliable and stable pull system
A.Pull motor is using frequency transform or servo motor, makes puller have enough smooth running frequency at low speed, eliminates the low-speed pulling and crawling instability, high speed torque smaller when pulling, effectively avoid profiles is pulled out of shape
B. PLC controlled by the frequency transformer or servo controller parameters in communication way, effective control of the speed of the start-stop and speed of the paragraphs, the smooth transition between makes no impact on the smooth and reliable running, effectively improve the quality of aluminum
C.Brake system is mainly by PLC by the frequency transformer or servo controller process smoothly braking, mechanical brake is used only for brake stop bits and power-off protection

D.Orientation of using encoder output signal, the more accurate and reliable.


5.Multiple operation modes, flexible,the best mode can be selected according to the need of production process and temporary failure.

6.Be able to find stop / weld mark, improve productivity, match short stop change time

7.Built-in diagnostic system, can quickly identify errors


Equipment List of Complete Aluminum Extrusion Production Line:

1.Aluminium extrusion press

2.Aluminium billet heating furnace

3.Aluminium extrusion die heater

4.Aluminium extrusion profile handling table

5.Aluminium  extrusion puller

6.Aluminium extrusion aging oven

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