Aluminium Billet Hot Saw Machine Aluminum Billet Hot Sawing Machine

Aluminium extrusion die blasting machine/Aluminium extrusion die polishing machine


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Aluminium billet hot saw machine aluminum billet hot sawing machine

Product Introductions:

Aluminum billet hot saw machine (hot billet sawing machine)for short stroke front loading aluminum extrusion press.

1.Hot Sawing Machine Function Descriptions:

Hot log saw is composed of bar press system, sawing system, lubrication system and aluminum scraps recovery system, and is lubricated by quasi dry spray system;

Saw blade line speed can be adjustable frequency, saw feed speed also can be frequency conversion adjustable;

Manufacturers use special designed aluminum alloy high temperature saw slice, can be used within temperature 500-600 degrees for long time.

Aluminum scrap recycling system: using cyclone dust collector, recycle hot aluminum chip online, and reserve movable door at the chip pipe corner.

Transition roller: the transition roller between the furnace body and the hot saw is included;

The chain short bar conveyor is used to deliver the aluminum bar to the extrusion position of the extruder;

Equipped with carbon spraying device.

2.Hot Sawing Machine Control System (PLC ):
Electric control system:Adopt PLC control, touch screen display and operation. It can realize one button automatic cycle;

Double saw function: when a billet sawing length after the remaining billet can not handle, it won’t saw, but cut the billet into two pieces, each piece can be processed separately, but each are not a given length, and then use a long log to make up, to avoid the remaining short billet can not be processed.

3.Hydraulic System(No need to establish new hydraulic station)
The hot sawing machine is not equipped with a hydraulic station, but a hydraulic valve block is arranged in the frame of the hot sawing machine, user should connect the oil inlet and outlet joint with furnace hydraulic station.

4.Hot Sawing Machine Working Attentions:
1) The hot saw blade is carbide metal for sawing high temperature soft aluminum billet, in the case of insufficient lubrication, the aluminum can easily stick to the sawtooth,as a result,if aluminum can not be discharged, will cause jagged accumulation of aluminum scrap and damage blade;

2) Lubrication inspection: when change shift, much inspect saw blade lubrication to ensure adequate lubrication; at any time check the lubricator whether there is lubricating fluid, fuel injectors are blocked phenomenon;

3) sawing sound: at any time pay attention to sawing sound, if there is any abnormal sound, immediately shut down machine to check the lubrication, while checking the sawtooth sticky aluminum scrap, if there is sticky aluminum filings,have to thoroughly clean it;

4) Scrap collector: Check the scrap collector pipe if there is any block to ensure that the dust pipe smooth, to avoid the accumulation of aluminum scraps sticked to the blade;

5) sawing process parameters: after the machine adjustment , sawing process parameters can not be arbitrarily changed, including the main sawing motor speed, feed motor speed, lubrication and so on

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