Loose Type Aluminium Extrusion Ram Fixed Type Aluminium Extrusion Stem

Aluminium Extrusion RAM/Fixed Type Aluminium Extrusion Stem

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H13 Steel Loose Type Aluminium Extrusion RAM/Fixed Type Aluminium Extrusion Stem


The benefits of using an expanding, replaceable fixed dummy block can best be understood through the examination of its advantages over the floating (or loose) dummy block.

1.Injury Reduction

Operators no longer have to work around an operating billet loader and stem, strip butts, or handle floating dummy blocks. In fact, safety regulations in some jurisdictions prevent access to billet loader and stem when the extrusion press is working.

2.Reduced Press Downtime

Although the use of sensors minimizes the possibility of operating the press without the floating dummy block in place, constant vigilance is required on the part of the press operator to ensure a single dummy block is always in place, and properly aligned.

3.Simplified Press Systems

There are extra systems for handling, quenching and re-circulating the blocks. The blocks, which are in constant circulation, require additional sensors to be integrated into the press controls.

4.Simplified Press Installation

Press foundations have to be able to withstand the harsh conditions caused by falling blocks and butts. The ancillary structures associated with handling, quenching and re-circulating floating dummy blocks complicate the installation of the press.

5.Reduced Press Maintenance

Maintenance of the floating dummy block ancillary systems cannot be carried out when the press is running. Butts that inevitably fall into the foundation pit under the press must periodically be removed and as a result, the press must be stopped.

6.Increased Life of Liner

The floating dummy block is susceptible to damage when falling into the press pit, hitting other blocks during re-circulation, or when entering the container. Damaged floating dummy blocks can potentially gouge the liner, and chips of steel can cause further damage to the liner (and the die).

7.Improved Supervision of Extrusion Process

The operator must be positioned to watch the loading of the billet and block. However, the correct position should be at the platen so the operator can watch (in mirror or closed-circuit TV) the extrusions moving from die to the puller or run-out table.

8.Less Wasted Time at the Press

Time is wasted when the mechanical dead cycle of the extrusion press, as designed and engineered by the press builder, is extended by events occurring at the extrusion press. Placing or manipulating the floating dummy block for alignment is a common occurrence during which the dead cycle is interrupted.

9.Reduced Dead Cycle Time

Not only does the fixed dummy block eliminate the events referred to above, but the stem can also be moved faster without danger of dislodging the loose dummy before it had properly entered the container.

Product Specifications:

Number Item Descriptions
1 Product name H13 steel Fixed type aluminium extrusion stem/loose type aluminium extrusion ram
2 Materials H13 steel
3 Way Of Heating vacuum heat treatment
4 Delivery Time 7-15 working days
5 Flow Manifold Computer simulation
6 Package Wooden box or carton box


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