Micro-channel tubes multi port tube aluminium extrusion die

Micro-channel tubes multi port tube aluminium extrusion die

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Multiport tube aluminium extrusion die Aluminium extrusion die for multi port tube micro channel tube heat exchanger auto condenser channel   Aluminium extrusion die for multi port tube micro channel tube heat exchanger auto condenser channel

Extrusion die for Auto Condenser Extruded Channel Multi Port Tube For Heat Exchanger

Difficulty of the micro channel tube production

1. The wall of the harmonica tube is thin and the number of holes is so many, and it is difficult to form during extrusion production. Some car air-conditioning evaporators uses 25-hole harmonica tubes. The 25 channels should be relatively closed, the microstructure of the welds should be defect-free, will not break during cold deformation, and be able to withstand a burst pressure greater than 8 MPa.

2.The product has many densely packed cavities, and the inner cavity area is small. The metal distribution in the shunt cavity of the extrusion die should be reasonable, and the stability of the die core should be strong. Molds designed with traditional methods cannot produce qualified products, so there must be new ideas in design.

3.To produce high-standard harmonica tubes, the precision of mold manufacturing must be high, and the error of 25 mold cores relative to the center of the mold must be small.


The aluminum microchannel tubes MPE tubes (also known as ” flat and rectangular extruded tube”) is a kind of thin-walled porous flat tube material, which is made of refined aluminum rod, hot extrusion, zinc spraying and anti-corrosion treatment. The aluminum micro channel tube has refrigerant medium inside and atmospheric corrosion outside, which is easy to leak due to point corrosion. A thin layer of zinc must be sprayed on its outer surface to protect the tube wall from corrosion. Due to the difficulty and many difficulties of the aluminum microchannel tube technology, how to use scientific and effective on-line flaw detection, surface quality and other detection means in the production process to detect (mark) defective products in time is the key to the quality control of the aluminum micro channel tubes.


Ability of manufacturing process

1. Mold design and processing technical ability: It mainly includes the design and manufacturing technology of the hot extrusion die with extremely low extrusion breakthrough force, extremely high dimensional accuracy, special forming ability and strong wear resistance; the full application of the wear-resistant, heat-resistant and super lubrication technology of the inner wall of the die; the multi-point temperature precision control technology of single multi support Co extrusion die, etc.

2. Extrusion process control technology capability: It mainly includes constant temperature heating and constant speed extrusion technology of extruder die barrel, gradient heating technology of casting rod;  Microchannel Aluminum Tubes www.micro-channel-tubes.com/Aluminum-microchannel-tubes. The technology of multi hole micro ultra thin wall balanced extrusion, heat energy elimination and keeping all links free of product deformation factors and product defects, single multi product rewinding and discharging device and synchronous control technology, etc.

3. Comprehensive use and commissioning capacity It mainly includes the ability to select, modify, debug and combine various equipment according to the production requirements of aluminum microchannel tubes; online zinc spraying and control technology; online detection, defect marking and control feedback technology of solder roll coating;Product uncoiling, finishing, straightening and chip free cutting technology.

4. Ability to adapt and respond quickly

The aluminum microchannel aluminum flat tube has thin wall, many holes and small inner cavity area. It should be extruded with alloy with good molding, strong fluidity, moderate strength, good weldability and high corrosion resistance. Most of them are made of 1 series alloy, 1100 for China, The microstructure of 1050 and 1070 alloy, microchannel aluminum flat tube welds shall be free of defects, free from cracking during cold deformation, and able to bear the blasting pressure of > = 8N / mm2. The processing plant adopts 5-8mn extruder for extrusion. In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the micro channel aluminum flat tube, alloy 3003,3102 can be selected, and Alloy 6063 can be used to improve the pressure bearing capacity of the aluminum microchannel tube. It is mainly used in the air conditioning system of various refrigerants. As the pipe parts carrying the new environmental protection refrigerant, adopting the new environmental protection system is the key material of the new generation of microchannel air conditioning heat exchanger.

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