Solar frame aluminium extrusion die

solar frame aluminium extrusion die

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solar frame aluminium extrusion die

We JRM is an professional Solar frame aluminium extrusion die Manufacturer

1.Introduction of aluminium extrusion die:

1).Aluminium extrusion die design and die making, are the most important and demanding aspects of the entire aluminium extrusion processing.To meet customer’s quality requirements, the performance of the aluminium extrusion die is very critical. Aluminium extrusion die performance impacts product quality,productivity, recovery, and product design. The demands made on aluminium extrusion profiles for tolerances and on dies for die life and trial runs are becoming greater and greater. Effective use of aluminium extrusion die technology enhances the ability of an aluminium extruder to meet customer needs. Under the use of the latest manufacturing technologies,we are employing modern high technology equipment, high quality die steel (also imported from Japan SKD61,Sweden 8407 etc), and advanced heat treatment processes to produce aluminium extrusion dies with high tolerances, to concentrate on quality, flexibility,and reliability in order to best ensure customer satisfaction at a faster rate with a competitive price.

2).Aluminium extrusion die design and production involves a complex mixture of design (using computer aided design, CAD, systems) and machining(using computer numerical controlled, CNC, and electrical discharge machining, EDM processes. Now we are using computer aided industrial design (CAID) and computer aided industrial machining (CAIM) to produce reproducible dies.

3).Our aluminium extrusion die desingers are with more than 30 years experience,can give suitable solution according to customer’s requirements,for many year development we import equipment from Japan,Italy,Tawiwan to improve machining precision.For complex dies like heat sink,automobile,rail we also can give consultation and manufacturing service.

4).In addition to aluminium extrusion die design and manufacturing, die correction is a very important aspect of aluminium extrusion working, including modifying the dies.According to customer’s requirements,we can offer online remote aluminium extrusion die correction service,also our engineers can go to customer’s site for instruction.

2.Specifications Solar frame aluminium extrusion die:

1).Product Name:Solar frame aluminium extrusion die
2).Die Dimension:30 to 1500mm
3).Available thickness:0.3mm above
4).Material:Quality H13 steel/Sweden 8407/Japan SKD61
5).Die type:Hollow die &Solid die,heatsink
6).Hardness:HRC hardness 48-52
7).Cavities:as per design
8).Way Of Heating:vacuum heat treatment
9).Delivery Time:7-15 days
10).Flow Manifold:Computer simulation
11).Application:aluminium extrusion die and tooling for the extruders to produce aluminum profiles, such as window profiles, industrial profiles, door profiles and profiles for curtain wall, etc
12).Package:plywood box for independent packaging for each aluminium extrusion die

Special service:heatsink extrusion die,roll up door extrusion die,large size extrusion die,zero bearing die,tungsten steel aluminium extrusion die etc.


3.Srong design capability Solar frame aluminium extrusion die:


4.Main Machine List:
Wire EDM,EDM Electron Discharge Machine,Vertical Machining Centre,CNC Larthe,CNC EDM,Horizontal Boring Lathe,Three Coordinate Measuring Machine,Gerneral Lathe,Precision Internal Cylindrical Grinder,Precision Face Grinder,Precision External Cylindrical Grinder,Wire Cut EDM,Horizontal Larthe,Vertical Knee Type Milling Machine,Double Platform Semiautomatic Drilling


5.Our Services:

1).When order confirmed,we will send you drawings for approval,then start production.
2).We offer quick delivery for customers to meet production requirements
3).We offer die correction advices if needed
4).For long term cooperated customer,we send engineer for site instruction
5).Professional in complex dies for heatsink,industrial building,automobile,large dies and tungsten steel die(insert die) for round tube etc


6.Necessary drawings for Solar frame aluminium extrusion die before order:
For each press the extrusion plant should supply the die maker with the following datas.
1) .Type of press:Container diameter,Billet type and size
2) .Tooling specifications:Tool assembly details and drawings,Available bolsters drawings,Available die sizes and die blank drawings for each press
3).Tooling assembly requirements and details:Register with tolerances,Pins and dowels,Lifting holes


7.How to place Solar frame aluminium extrusion die order to Royal, please provide the following information:
1).Die Order (die number, number of cavities, size,)
2).Feeder ,Die plate/mandrel , backer/ die cap thickness what you need

3). AUTOCAD profile drawings sent by e-mail
4).Support Tooling
5).To make a bolster or fit existing bolster
6).Billet diameter and press size
7).Special information (welding points, exposed surfaces etc.)
8).Billet type and size alloy)

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