How to solve the bubble problem on aluminium extrusion surface?

What is bubble on aluminium extrusion surface?

There are uninterrupted or intermittent split on surface of the aluminium extrusion profile,it manifested as round or partial continuous bulge.

What are the reasons of bubble on aluminium extrusion surface?

1.The extrusion container with a large oversize,the air in the extrusion container cannot be fully exhausted,in front of the elasticity deformation zone,the air bubble will happen;

2.There are air blowholes in the aluminium billet during mushrooming upseting deformation,there is air in it.When start extruding work,the air will enter into the surface of aluminium extrusion profile;

3.During extruding work,there are water or oil contamination,under high temperature,the water and oil contamination will be changed into vapor and wrapped into the metal flow and as bubble at the profile surface;

4.The burp exhausting equipment cannot work well;

5.If the metal flow is over fast,the upsetting or burp cannot work well.

How to solve the bubble problem on aluminium extrusion surface?

1.check or change extrusion toolings;

2.Control the billet quality of surface and air;

3.Make sure the burp exhausting equipment work well;

4.Control the oil on blade,extrusion container and die;

5.Control the extrusion speed and do burp exhausting regularly;

6.give enough butt shear length;

7.Control the size welding room and feeding hole.

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