Typical Led heatsink extrusion die design case sharing


Keywords:heatsink,die design,metal flow,width spreading


This section is very large,dimension is L340mm*H100mm,different thikness,tooth bottom 28mm thickness,tooth end 2mm thickness,in terms of the above conditions,die design is so challenging.

1.Hollow hole numbers and distribution

For this section,use six hollow holes and bridge to slow thicker thickness to make metal flow even,for thin thikness to make metal flow fast,as a result, thicker and thin thinkness parts are even,not easy to break

2.Shortest bearing design

The bearing is the surface of the extruding aperture at right angles to the die face that controls the metal flow and velocity by means of friction. The bearing, therefore, is the primary determinant of control and finish of the profile. Any deterioration of the bearing–in light of the surface finish required–will lead to premature failure of the die,for this bearing we design shortest bearing height to reduce metal friction force.

3.Relief design

Relief is used for reducing friction force,to assure good surface treatment,for this die to prevent break,relief at the gap between teeth should be as smaller as possible.To stopping blocking, relief at the end of teeth should be as larger as possible.

4.welding chamber design

The extrusion welding process it is important to apply the correct conditions of the metal flow in the extrusion die in order to obtain the necessary pressure of the metal flow in the welding chamber, which would provide an adequate welding quality of joints. for this die we use 45mm height,R5 for welding chamber to make metal flow easier.

5.Bridge design

To reduce seam weld line,bridge is designed like water-drop,bridge end 20°angle,this design makes metal flow easily weld.

From this case,we can know width spreading design can optimize flow distribution and flow speed.The design from bearing,relief,welding chamber to bridge are improved,to make flow even and to reduce die break failure,and to improve die life.

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