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9 Points of Maintenance of Aluminum Extrusion Press

9 Points of Maintenance of Aluminum Extrusion Press

9 Points of Maintenance of Aluminum Extrusion Press

1 often check the quality of raw materials used in production,Do not allow sand, metal powder and others mixed into the material into the extrusion container.

2 Each shift, check at least 1 to 2 times at lubrication parts, add enough oil, bearing parts of the work temperature should not exceed 50 ° C.

3 before production, container and die must be heated, does not allow the material temperature below plasticizing tempreature

4 Stem must be started at low speed and only allow a gradual increase in stem speed after a period of low speed operation.

5 stem in the container of the empty running time not allow more than 2 ~ 3min.

6 check press working current changes in the main motor ,when work under overload conditionsfor a long time, should immediately stop, find the cause of the malfunction, troubleshooting and then continue to produce.

7 the first time to heat container ,need tighten container connection screw with base once.

8 before installing the screw and die, surface should be cleaned, fastening bolts to be coated with a layer of molybdenum disulfide or silicone oil so that easy to remove at high temperature. When disassembling parts, do not hit the parts with heavy hammer, if necessary, use hardwood pad, hand hammer knocking hardwood demolition parts.

9 clear container. stem and die residue, only bamboo or copper scraping scraper sticky material, not allow steel knife scraping sticky material, but also not allowed to use the fire method to remove the residue on the stem.

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