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Aluminium billet homogenizing furnace

Aluminum billet homogenizing process

Aluminium billet homogenizing furnace

Aluminium billet homogenizing furnace is used for improving the processing deformation plasticity of casting aluminium alloy billet,when extruding to reduce deformation resistance and improve internal structure and performance of aluminium extrusions,this homogenizing furnace works in aluminium melting and casting workshop.

The furnace can provide the hearth environment with the uniform temperature of (550-620)degree +5 degree for the heat treatment to fine particle of Mg2Si phase of aluminum ingot uniformly distributed inside the metal.

Homogenizing Furnace is special for heat treatment after billet casting/foundry, it mostly removes the remains stress from casting and uneven of metallographic, in order to improve the extrusion performance, increasing the final product rate and aluminum extrusion production quality. Homogenizing Furnace heats the billets to temperature 560ºC-580ºC, and then cool rapidly in cooling chamber based on the technical requirement.Car is used for aluminum billet handling,storage table used for loading and unloading.

Aluminium billet homogenizing furnace consists of five parts:

· Homogenizing furnace body

· Cooling room

· Car (three dimension move)

· Storage table and aluminum billet spacer

· Electrical control system

Aluminium billet homogenizing process for Aluminium Billet Homogenizing Furnace

  1. The operator puts the material rack on the storage platform outside the furnace, then uses the crane to lift the aluminum billet to the material rack and stack it layer by layer.
  2. loading material rack on the car
  3. The care transversely move to homogenizing furnace door, and automatically positioning
  4. When the furnace door open, the car puts aluminium billet into furnace and turn back, then close the furnace door.
  5. Homogenizing furnace temperature increases and heats about 2- 3 hours, and heat preservation 5-6 hours
  6. Open the furnace door, the car transports the hot billets out of the furnace, move to the cooling chamber and automatically positioning.
  7. Cooling room door open, car will feed hot billet into cooling room, car back, cooling room close and start air and water cooling rapidly.
  8. After billet cooling, car takes out the aluminium billet.
  9. The are puts the rack back to the table for the next time use.