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How to process Aluminium extrusion die relief ?

Aluminium extrusion die relief processing

Aluminium extrusion die relief processing

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1.Processing type and its features

1).Z Axis is a traditional processing method,for reaching the quality of bearing bottom,normally rough machining and fine machining are adopted,more time and electrode consumption will be needed but the productiveness is not high.

2).EDM is a new processing method,one time relief and output bearing can be finished,quality is better with high productiveness

2.Comparative analysis

1).Z axix processing

(1).Normally two pcs of electrode are prepared,such as 25×25 square tube,the relief quantity is 1.5mm,the real electrode size is 28x28mm,one for rough machining,another one for fine machining.

(2).when processing rough machining,fine machining quanlity should be reserved.

(3).Use fine machining electrode,process fine machinig works to meet drawing requirements.

2).45°translation gliding processing

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(1).less size of electrode is need,such as 25x25mm square tube,the electrode size will be 24.6×24.6mm,then make feeler for bearing.

(2).set up electrode on the right position,one time finish the relief and output bearing

From the comparison,45°translation gliding processing reduces one step,but this can save electrode,fixture,position etc,also improve equipment productiveness.

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1).the electrode size should be smaller than section shape 0.2-0.3mm

2).set up eletrode datas to best working condition

3).must clean to prevent short-circuit

4).to improve the roughness on bearing bottom,0.3-0.5mm should be reserved,then use electrode to make fine machining.

If you have any question in working,welcome to share your experiences,we can find effective solution together.