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How to deal with aluminium extrusion seam weld line (or seam welding line)?

How to deal with aluminium extrusion seam weld line (or seam welding line)?

How to deal with aluminum extrusion seam weld line (or seam welding line)?

1.What is seam weld line?

For hollow type profile extruding,there is line on the surface,we call that seam weld line,actually it is not weldling line,it should be joint line.

2.what are the effects of seam weld line?

Seam weld line will appear at the aluminum extrusion, continuous black line or white line looks not graceful.

3.Why there is seam weld line on your extrusion ?

Because of port holes,metal flows come together in the welding chamber,but metal flows cannot avoid the bridges,so metal flow will be slow in these places,as a result, metal organization density will go down.In a word,hollow type extrusion cannot avoid seam weld line.

4.What are the contributing factors of seam weld line?

1)low extruding force;2)port holes are desiged larger(this will make extruding force lower);extruding process;3)overhigher components of Mg,Si and Fe,overhigher billet temperature and overhigher speed.For quenching treatment,if not even,also will bring lower quality seam weld.And should choose high temperature roller sleeve because graphite runout table easily bring crystal at the weld.

5.How to minimize seam welding line?

1)Improve die design,such as reasonable portholes distribution,expand or deepen welding chamber,improving bridge structures.Try to put seam weld lines on the corner or not decorative surfaces;2)die correcting or maching to meet optimizational die requirements;

3)low processing temperature,increase output port quenching strength;4)control components of Mg,Si and aging time;5)Increasing extrusion ratio to 30-80,can improve seam weld line quality;6)for anodizing,change alkali to acid anodizing.

As a result,even aluminum extrusion seam weld line cannot be eliminated but we can change die designs and improve extrudiong processing to get more graceful finished products.

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