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BN (Boron Nitride) Automatic spray equipment for aluminum billet lubrication

Automatic fog spray machine for aluminium billet lubrication

Features of Automatic fog spray machine for aluminium billet lubrication(compared to acetylene):
1. No smoke, fire or combustion supporting;
2. Replace traditional black oil, hydraulic oil, acetylene etc;
3. Neutral products, more environmentally friendly, do not damage the substrate, and will not be brought on the profile surface;
4. Good isolation effect and protect the extrusion ram.
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Advantages of Automatic fog spray machine for aluminium billet lubrication:
1. The device use imported atomizing nozzle, which is acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistant;
2. Fog spray, with less ejection and full coverage effect at the billet section.
3. Compared with acetylene spraying device, there is no flame, black smoke and black residue. The machine is clean, safe and environmentally friendly;
4. According to the size of the aluminum billet diameter, two rotating nozzles with 180 degrees and 360 degrees can be selected to achieve the best spray effect.
5. The device is a way of spraying aluminum billet, with simple installation, no need to change the machine operation procedure, low ambient temperature, more convenient for maintenance and no delay in normal production