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Continuous extrusion die life analysis, failure factor, correction and maintenace

Continuous extrusion die life analysis, failure factor, correction and maintenace

Continuous extrusion die life analysis, failure factor, correction and maintenace

The principle of the Continuous extrusion process is according to the action of a rotating whee dragging and pushing the feeding raw rod material by means of the frictional forces existing among them. The Continuous processing has many advantages than the traditional extrusion working:saving investment and get higher quality products.

There are three tipccal extrusion ways:single groove single wheel, twin groove single wheel,single groove twin wheel.Based on different extrusion ways,there are different die design advanced die manufacturing can improve production efficiency and product quality.

Continuous extrusion die life analysis and failure factors

(the Continuous extrusion die life is average life ).Impact,fracture,plastic demormation,adhesion,premature abrasion,hot fracture etc are premature failure,when die working reach average life,its failure is normal.

Die life factors:

* Die toolings structure and strength.

* Die tooling materials.

* Processing level.

* Heat treatment and surface processing.

* Extrusion processing.

* Maintenace and correction level.

* Product alloy,structure and shaping.

Die failure factors:

Abrasion,the main failure factor,under heavy abrasion,product precision will change,and surface will be very bad.

* Plastic demormation,under high temp and high friction,metal surface temp will turn higher and soft.bearing will be deformed,precision turns bad.

* Fracture,there are two types:vertical and horizontal.reasons are material defect,overhigh hardness of heat treatment etc.

Methods for improving die lifetime:

* Improve die tooling design.

* Use quality die tooling materials.

* Improve heat treatment quality and surface treatment level.

* Improve die processing quality.

* Improve extrusion processing.

* Build die working and maintenace management.

Principles of die correction:

Die correction means adjusting metal flow speed,to make metal folow even from hollow holes.How to indentify eveness?

* According to shape section to see metal folow distribution is reasonable or not.To adjust hole size,shape,qty,distribution to make metal flow even.

* Friction:hollow hole shape,size,qty,depth;welding chamber shape and depth,bearing length surface and lubrication.Metal flow distribution are disigned by engineer,designer’s know-how and experience will influence die lifetime.

Die correction ways:

* Block,reducing metal flow speed in fast position.

* Acceleration,make slow flow fast.

* Change hollow hole size.

* Polishing,surface R=0.8-0.4um.

In continuous extrusion working,there many factors affecting die lifetime.factors also influence each other,so we should consider these factors are in a system.The best solution is from design to find question.And die working and management will also affect die life,we should learn more management method to improve maintenace level and get profits from advanced management.