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Die Correction notes For Aluminum extrusion die

Die Correction notes For Aluminum extrusion die

During EXTRUSION(Billet-Section),billet suffer frictions from container/dummy block/diversion holes/welding chamber and bearing,result in aluminum flow in each point cause difference.For irregular sections(Asymmetric and big thickness difference),aluminum flow difference is bigger.

The theory of die correction is adjust aluminum flow speed of each area,to balance aluminum flow. Common die correction ways:a,Adjust length of bearing;b,Change friction force of aluminum alloy flow;c,Add block angle;

d,Adjust size of diversion;d,Lapping and polishing

Tips for die correction

1、Understand design of the die,communicate with die designer before correction;

2、If strength of the die is enough,we consider ways of increase aluminum flow first,to reduce extrusion pressure well.Large-scale of welding is inadvisable.

Prior to increase aluminum flow Large-scale of welding is inadvisable

3、Die corrector must observe extrusion condition by himself

4、Increase aluminum flow speed and reduce bearing,give priority to EDM,then can consider reduce bearing via diamond milling cutter.Do not reduce bearing from welding chamber.

5 、In non emergency situations,please do not remove die carrier.(For multi-cavitiesdies,do not allow to change die carrier)

6 、Think before correction.Combining theory with practice, in order to achieve the effect of twice the result with half the effort.

7、Please do not correct too much,should set aside some for next correction.

8 、If we need to weld,the better preheat the die (To 400 ~ 500 ℃ and keep 2

hours),thus can avoid problem of angle crack, bridge crack.(see above right)

9 、The better track&correct one die by same person,thus can avoid mistake and increase die correction experience well.