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Homogenization proccess for Aluminium billet homogenizing furnace

Homogenization proccess for Aluminium billet homogenizing furnace

Proccess of homogenization for Aluminium billet homogenizing furnace

Aluminium billet homogenizing furnace

Aluminium billet homogenizing furnace is used for improving the processing deformation plasticity of casting aluminium alloy billet,when extruding to reduce deformation resistance and improve internal structure and performance of aluminium extrusions,this homogenizing furnace works in aluminium melting and casting workshop.

Main Features for Aluminium billet homogenizing furnace:

This equipment is mainly used to homogenizing procedures for aluminum bars for the purpose of eliminating the internal stress imposed on the aluminum bar, minimizing the deflection, improving the plasticity and reducing the extruding resistance. The furnace can provide the hearth environment with the uniform temperature of (550-620)degree +5 degree for the heat treatment to fine particle of Mg2Si phase of aluminum ingot uniformly distributed inside the metal matrix.

Homogenizing Furnace is special for heat treatment after billet casting/foundry, it mostly removes the remains stress from casting and uneven of metallographic, in order to improve the extrusion performance, increasing the final product rate and aluminum extrusion production quality. Homogenizing Furnace heats the billets to temperature 560ºC-580ºC, and then cool rapidly in cooling chamber based on the technical requirement.Car is used for aluminum billet handling,storage table used for loading and unloading.Main machine parts for Aluminium Billet Homogenizing Furnace

Aluminium billet homogenizing furnace consists of five parts:

· Homogenizing furnace body

· Cooling room

· Car (three dimension move)

· Storage table and aluminum bar spacer

· Electrical control system

Aluminium billet homogenizing process for Aluminium Billet Homogenizing Furnace

  1. The operator puts the material rack on the storage platform outside the furnace, then uses the crane to lift the aluminum billet to the material rack and stack it layer by layer.
  2. loading material rack on the car
  3. The care transversely move to homogenizing furnace door, and automatically positioning
  4. When the furnace door open, the car puts aluminium billet into furnace and turn back, then close the furnace door.
  5. Homogenizing furnace temperature increases and heats about 2- 3 hours, and heat preservation 5-6 hours
  6. Open the furnace door, the car transports the hot billets out of the furnace, move to the cooling chamber and automatically positioning.
  7. Cooling room door open, car will feed hot billet into cooling room, car back, cooling room close and start air and water cooling rapidly.
  8. After billet cooling, car takes out the aluminium billet.
  9. The are puts the rack back to the table for the next time use.
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Main Machine Introduction for Aluminium Billet Homogenizing Furnace

Aluminium Billet Homogenizing Furnace body

  • Furnace shell

The metal shell of the furnace body supports the required equipment and parts. Inside is for hot wind and billet heat exchanging. Based on this requirements, the shell surface choose Q235 plate and jointing,use the channel steel as the strengthen framework, the surface paint the antirust paint and the special paint of our equipment(colors by buyer ),it looks handsome,rigidity and airproof better. The inside liner use fire-resistant steel(2mm 304 stainless steel), the middle insulation use silicon acid aluminum fibred felt as heat insulation material,this structure prevent the caloric and broiling gas release or out,that ensure the furnace efficiently and save energy. The highest temperature of the shell surface is room temperature plus 25ºC.

  • Furnace door and unlock structure

There is a set of furnace door and unlock structure. The door adopts electro motion lifting, along the slide way lift and down, and the locking device ensures the airproof in the working process.

  • Hot air circulation system

Hot air from two sets of strong wind centrifugal blower, the blower fixed at the furnace. the vane of fan put the air into the upside,it mix with the hot air by muzzle burning, through the circulation air passway, spray on billets,transfer the heat to billets,then enter into the next cycle through the hot wind of heat exchanging.

The blower fixed in the furnace, adopt heat resistant steel, it can work in the temperature 650ºC long time.

The steel frame and bearing set of blower fixed at the out of furnace, the water cooling fixed at bearing set, ensure blower working in the high temperature and high speed normally.

Naturally, the full furnace can heat from the normal temperature to the temperature of techniques needed in 1-2hours,it based on the difference of billet diameter,after heat preservation about 5-6 hours, the all of the billet arrives the temperature of techniques needed, and the temperature difference at the lower of ±5ºC.

  • Burning system

The burning system is making up of four parts:

  1. high efficient burning nozzles;
  2. Combustion supporting wind and control part;
  3. Supply gas and control part;
  4. Ignition and control part;

There are high efficient burning nozzles. every burner can adjust separately, it based on the needs of temp rising,heat preservation,increase and reduce firepower and even stop some of burner working.

The burner’s combustion supporting wine is supplied by combustion supporting blower, and also use the special electro motion butter valve to independently control wind pressure and wind capacity

After the gas is adjusted by the pressure regulating device, the gas is sent to and from the constant pressure, and is controlled by an electromagnetic valve.

The fire control of the burner is realized by adjusting the combustion supporting air pressure in front of the burner. The air volume and air pressure are changed by adjusting the electric butterfly valve of the air duct in front of the burner, and the air supply is adjusted through the proportional valve to adjust the size of the fire

The burner is ignited by the ignition gun. Before the burner is used, the automatic control system will automatically detect and purge it. The ignition gun uses liquefied petroleum gas as fuel. After the automatic control system detects that the condition is normal, the ignition gun will start automatically. After it is normal, the burner will start and enter the heating condition

The system has multiple safety protection functions and safe and reliable performance. The combustion is regulated by proportional valve. The combustion condition is ideal and the combustion is complete. It is not only energy-saving and environmental protection, but also can improve the heating efficiency. Through the matching of large and small burners, the optimal heating and thermal insulation combustion scheme is automatically formulated to effectively improve the heating efficiency and save energy.

  • Smoke pollution exhaust system

The smoke pollution after combustion is extracted through the smoke exhaust chimney. The system adopts natural smoke exhaust. The amount of smoke exhaust depends on the size of fire and the amount of smoke. When the fire is fierce and the amount of smoke is large, increase the amount of smoke exhaust.

  • Pneumatic system

It is composed of three pneumatic parts, pipes, valves and cylinders. Under the command of the automatic control system, all parts of the homogenizer body can operate normally through the action of the cylinder.

Cooling room

In order to improve the metals performance of aluminum billet, heated aluminum log temperature descend to 150 ºC in 2 hours.

The shell of the cooling chamber is welded by Q235 square steel and steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with antirust primer and specific finish. One side is equipped with air guide plate and water mist nozzle, and the other side is equipped with hot air exhaust fan to discharge the hot air out of the room.

3D Car (Three Dimension Move)

3D car working in furnace body,cooling room and storage material table, the function is to move the aluminium billets.

It consists of a load and unloads cart frame and two electric cable tubes, while working can be horizontal or move lengthways, can achieve contraposition with the furnace and material table.

Load and unload cart can complete four directions working, and then make use of hydraulic press system to complete up and down two directions working, complete a car to contraposition and load or unload action. The cart is weld by profiled bar.

Storage Table

It is composed of channel steel and cement concrete base, which is used for loading and unloading aluminum billets, and is constructed and manufactured by the buyer. (making by the buyer)

Electrical Control System

This system has three electrical cabinets, one control cabinet and two power cabinets

The (PLC) can automatically control the working of the equipment and the temperature of each area.

The PLC adopts the Siemens/ Mitsubishi series products, Taiwan brand human machine interface(HMI), and adopt the paper record.

The operation instructions of the site equipment and interlocking signal, fault signal digital input by PLC, logic it by the central processing unit (CPU), by digital output module components of the scene command.

Automatic temperature is controlled by PLC automatic adjustment proportional to conduct. In the position process requirements in operation panel of three temperature area, with the given value and thermocouple setting temperature measurements and sent into the CPU module, output operations the computational results, adjust electric butterfly valve, change wind pressure, control burner firepower and to reach homogeneous furnace process.

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If you have any question in working,welcome to share your experiences,we can find effective solution together.