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Multi Port Tube Aluminium Extrusion die

Multi Port Tube Aluminium Extrusion die for Auto Condenser Extruded Channel

Difficulty of the micro channel tube production

1. The wall of the harmonica tube is thin and the number of holes is so many, and it is difficult to form during extrusion production. Some car air-conditioning evaporators uses 25-hole harmonica tubes. The 25 channels should be relatively closed, the microstructure of the welds should be defect-free, will not break during cold deformation, and be able to withstand a burst pressure greater than 8 MPa.
2.The product has many densely packed cavities, and the inner cavity area is small. The metal distribution in the shunt cavity of the extrusion die should be reasonable, and the stability of the die core should be strong. Molds designed with traditional methods cannot produce qualified products, so there must be new ideas in design.
3.To produce high-standard harmonica tubes, the precision of mold manufacturing must be high, and the error of 25 mold cores relative to the center of the mold must be small.
Extrusion dies production of Auto Condenser Extruded Channel Multi Port Tube For Heat Exchanger: