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Aluminium billet hot shear (horizontal direction)

Aluminium billet hot shear


Aluminium billet hot shear (horizontal direction)

Quick Aluminium billet hot shear and hydraulic system
Structure and characteristics of Aluminium billet hot shear and hydraulic system
Hydraulic system
The maximum working pressure of hydraulic system is 16,000KPA; the normal working pressure is
The system is designed to minimize installed HP and reduce energy consumption

Aluminium billet hot shear frame structure
It is made from machined steel plate, bolted and welded together to form a house for the fixed clamping shear
rings, and guide rail for the moving shear unit. The frame is bolted to a fabricated steel base plate, fixed directly
to the floor with foot bolts.
The moving shear unit has bronze liners bolted on and is connected to the shear cylinder by a floating block,
minimizing non-axial loading on the shear cylinder rod.

Aluminium billet hot shear ring
The shear rings are made from tool steel, H13 steel and hardened with tenacity. P.M.S SYSTEM (precise measurement system)
The new design will make sure the billet length control in ±3mm, we Adopt mechanical scale,accurate and
durable,not affected by any other