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Aluminium extrusion die heating furnace one chamber


Aluminium extrusion die heating furnace one chamber


Die oven:

Working principle introduction:

Die oven use infrared heating structure, energy saving, high efficiency, low consumption

Before extrusion, the die of profile must be preheating, after heating and keeping temperature, send to extrusion press.

Adopts drawer type, side opening door, one working chamber. Use crane to carry die, before put die, manually open oven door through pneumatic cylinder, then put die inside of chamber, close door, start electricity heating system, then start heat-up(must preheating chamber when first time heating die). After reaching sized value of temperature(normally it is 480℃), keep heating, then open furnace door, draw out die to send for extrusion press.

Infrared die oven use several carbon electricity rods to heat, play a part in high efficiency, energy saving features. At the back of carbon rods, there is infrared radiation plate, which can radiate to furnace chamber. Heating body is made of radiation plate and carbon rods, through radiation to transfer energy to furnace chamber, steel suction energy , then transfer magnetic energy to another heating method, during heating, reducing thermal pressure of steel, thermal exhaustion of temperature changing, also reducing thick parcel and carbon-removing because of oxidation for steel.

Equipment introduction:

Cubic infrared die oven

Configuration and structure features:

Furnace is made of carbon steel box structure, infrared heating, furnace door, furnace sealing, temperature testing device, protecting rack inside, guiding cover, high temperature circulation fan, bottom thermal insulation material etc.

Furnace external walls use Q235A,δ=3 welded steel, use continuous sealing welding to make sure enough strength and sealing. Outside material of furnace wall is oil painting in gray color, middle layer is thermal insulation cotton(silicon aluminum fiber), 1 set of high temperature axial flow fan, hot air circulation through guiding channel.

Hot air circulation system:

This system make sure the die can reach sized temperature value and evenness of temperature, circulate evenly through special guiding channel


Guiding device:

Including hot air guiding plate and distributor, guiding system improve hot air distributing effectively, improve temperature evenness, play a part in special guiding craft.


Heating device:

Infrared heating working principle use light wave to excite metal , heat evenly, like microwave oven, not transfer heat through air. Infrared oven can heat more fast, more even than traditional die oven, then can save more energy because of infrared heating, not through air heating, use individual infrared wave to heat die directly.


S.N. Item Die Heater
1 Die size For 4, 5 inch
2 Max. temperature 550℃
3 Furnace can resist 480~550℃
4 Temperature control method Several temperature setting method, can set temperature tolerance proportion, time&temperature can be control
5 Empty furnace heat up time ≤1.5
6 Temperature tolerance ±5
7 Heating power 12kw
8 Die quantity 12pcs (φ200mm)
9 Working chamber quantity One chamber
10 Fan power 1.1kw
11 Power voltage Three phase:380V±10% 50HZ (according to local)
12 Electricity consumption 160~240kw/24h
13 Door open type Side open(drawing type)