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LLJ300 Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine

Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine

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Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine

Main Components Descriptions for Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine

1. Feedstock De-coiler for Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine
This unit de-coils the feedstock easily and avoids twisting. It’s firmly grounded over-head release frame to pay off rods by haul and avoid twist and knot.

2. Feedstock Straightener Unit  for Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine
Straightening unit is a robust stand with pairs of guide entry rollers and two sets of zigzag straightening wheel units.
The feedstock de-coiler and straightener are no-power units; the extrusion machine has sufficient power to pull off the feedstock rod through the straightener. But during the startup, manual drag through the rod is needed.
3. Continuous Extrusion Machinery for Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine
The heart of the machine is the grooved wheel and shaft assembly. The main shaft is driven by an infinitely variable, thyristor controlled DC electric motor, via an epicyclic gearbox. The power output envelope from the drive is matched to the production rates specified.
With 180 kW DC Motor and ABB Driver, max 1000rpm; P2SC17-80-B53-96 Gear Box.
There is mount roller bearings that incorporate multiple seals to retain oil and prevent the ingress of foreign material. The shoe contains the die-chamber assembly can be opened and closed easily by hydraulic cylinder, high pressure cylinder used to support the shoe in working position.
With supplement tooling, the extrusion wheel of the machine can be replaced easily. Exchange chamber and die is also very fast.
4.Hydraulic and lubrication station for Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine
The hydraulic station shall be used to provide the continuous and stable in ultra-high pressure locking function for the main shaft and the shoe plate, to guarantee the pressure required for long-time continuous production of small size varieties. The system pressure shall adopt the high-pressure pump compensation mode. The operating time of the high-pressure pump is short, the energy-saving sealing element with low oil temperature is not easily aged, and the oil pressure instructor, the hydraulic oil filter and so on shall be arranged. The hydraulic pump and the element shall adopt Shanghai high-pressure pump and Beijing Huade brand.  The lubrication system shall adopt the gear pump cycle mode, for lubrication and cooling of the main shaft bearing, reduction box gear and bearing of the host machine.
5. Water Cooling System for Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine
Cooling circulating system: including the internal cooling circulating system and the external cooling circulating system. The internal cooling circulating system shall be used for product cooling and forced cooling during equipment operation, and the finished products after cooling shall be maintained oxidized and free of color change. The operating equipments shall maintain the continuous normal operation. The external cooling circulating system shall be used to exchange the heat in the internal cooling circulating system through the exchanger for cooling, to decrease the temperature in the internal circulating system. The cooling system shall be made of the stainless steel material, which shall be composed of 1 cooling water tank and 2 water  storage tanks, and shall be arranged with 2 sets of 2.2kW stainless steel water pumps and 1 set of 6m2 and 4 m2 plate-type heat exchanger respectively.
Drying device: the whirlpool high-pressure fan shall be taken as the air supply, use for drying the head and blow-dry the water on the product surface.
6. Product Length Counter for Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine
the potentiometer pulse and lever principle shall be adopted, to provide the tension control wire recoiling speed of the wire recoiling machine, to guarantee smooth and uniform wiring arrangement. Meter device: the product length shall be accurately measured, and the required length can be set randomly. The automatic prompt or alarm shall be made at that time.
7. Dancer for Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine
The signal generator on the dancer sends the signal to take-up stand to control that take-up speed or finishing mill is synchronized with product outlet speed of main machine. During the production, the position of dancer is stable to ensure the dimension precision of product.
8. DLSP1000 Take-up Stand (Cantilever Type) for Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine
Two sets of floor rail wire recoiling machines shall be arranged, the wire recoiling mode shall be movement of the take-up reel. The finished product line shall be maintained at the central position, to reduce the deformation amount of the lenticular wire. The computer wire arranging device shall be adopted, and the wire arranging scope can be set randomly. Two functions of speed wire recoiling and moment wire recoiling and the transfer switch of two functions shall be arranged.

The electrical control system shall consist of the advanced man-machine conversation interface, PLC programmable automatic control system and starting modulation control circuit. It shall be provided with the good control performance and friendly man-machine conversation function. The operating personnel can conveniently and directly operate the equipment operation through the man-machine conversation interface of the system.
Electrical configuration: the low-voltage electric appliance shall adopt Korean LS, PLC Mitsubishi, and the DC controller ABB. The touch screen is manufactured in Beijing.
10. Technical Documents for Aluminium tube Conform extrusion machine
l    2 copies of lay-out drawings, foundations, electric and water pipeline drawings in English will be provided at least one month before delivery. Other machinery documents including Operation Manuals, application software and PLC program listing, circuit diagram for cooling water system, lubrication, hydraulic and pneumatic systems will be provided to the buyer during commissioning.

Aluminium Conform Extruder/ Aluminium Continuous Extrusion Machine for Making Power Cable Electric Wire & Cable

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