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Hot top aluminium billet casting machine

Hot top aluminium billet casting machine

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Hot top aluminium billet casting machine

1.Product Descriptions & Name:

Hot top aluminium billet casting machine

3.Product Introductions for 10Ton melting furnace and billet casting machine line:

Fixed type regenerative furnace(energy-efficient/rectangular structure)
Usage: Melting aluminum ingot and scrap,to produce standard aluminum billet for extrusion.
Material: Aluminum ingot, aluminum scrap, intermediate alloy, modification agent etc..Main specification

10T Fixed type regenerative furnace(energy-efficient/rectangular structure)
1  Capacity:10Ton+5%
2  Furnace type: fixed, rectangular;
3  Fuel: Natural gas,calorific value7000kcal/Nm3;
4  Temperature of furnace body:<800ºC;
5  Melting capacity≥3t/h;
6  The highest temperature of furnace chamber:1100ºC;
7  Temperature accuracy:±5ºC;
8  Burner form: high efficiency regenerative burner;
9  Standard height of fire door:750MM;
10 Casting time:according to casting process.

Die casting plate:The same level hot top type
Casting machine: Rated capacity-15Ton,Steel wire rope
Filter box:Through ceramic filter plate

Melting furnace body

Life of liner 3 years
Life of furnace 20 years
1 We shall be responsible for overall design of equipment,rated parts,and be sure all data accuracy.
2 The steel structure of the furnace wall is welded by steel plate with thickness of 10mm and 20# type steel, steel structure strengthened in key parts to prevent deformation, the furnace side is fixed under the steel apron used to cover the gap between the stove and foundation;
3 The steel structure of the furnace bottom is welded by steel plate with thickness of 10mm and 20# type steel.High-strength furnace bottom design ensure structure performance of furnace,at the same time also open some riser vent to ensure water release,in accordance with the relevant Chinese national standards.
4 The composition, structure, function of each part of furnace liner. Refractory materials at high temperature strength, good thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance aluminum non stick, construction, has good properties, chemical composition of aluminum liquid has no effect and long service life. (pouring furnace roof and door, distribution by the light heat insulation casting material used in Suzhou Ruida products.
5 Melting pool is made into 9 blocks,with waterproof function,can effectively solve the pouring material produced in the process of using the stress, thermal expansion and cold shrinkage seepage problems;
6 Burner refractory materials with low cement 80A high strength pouring material,refractory life in normal production and maintenance conditions can guarantee the operation of 3 years.
7 Furnace bottom and furnace door slope(Thickness of liner 550mm)
A)Layer: 300mm
B)Impervious layer:100mm
C)Insulation layer:150mm
8 Furnace wall below aluminum liquid level(Thickness of liner 550mm)
A)Layer: 250mm
B)Impervious layer:100mm
C)Insulation layer:200mm
9 Furnace wall above aluminum liquid level(Thickness of liner 550mm)
A)Layer: 250mm
B)Impervious layer:150mm
C)Insulation layer:25mm+125mm
10 Furnace top (Thickness of liner 400mm)
A)Layer: 200mm
B)Insulation layer:200mm+50mm
C)The 300mm center distance uniform heat resistant stainless steel anchor claw hanging ceiling special shaped refractory brick
11 Furnace door (Thickness of liner 375mm)
A)Layer: 200mm
B)Insulation layer:25mm+150mm
C)Width of furnace door liner:180mm
D)Furnace door:With the heavy casting materials section water anchor mouth, to solve the refractories cracking phenomenon caused due to frequent opening and change.
12 Eye brick with unshaped castable sintering production, heat transfer ability is good, can avoid eye congestion.

Melting furnace door

1 Lifting device of furnace door adapt chain transmission device,heat resisting cast iron door asbestos fiber rope seal, pneumatic clamping.Door body durable, good insulation properties, good sealing. Furnace door frame materials, high temperature resistant, long service life.
2 Working principle of door drive and clamping structure ensure door drive precision, stable and reliable, low failure rate.
3 Furnace door lifting device is driven by the motor, realized by a motor driven chain wheel, chain, smooth operation. The door is flanked by guiding device with clamping guide groove; the door to press the sealing, clamping cylinder driving.
4 This melting furnace has one furnace door in the front side,to feed aluminum into furnace.
5 Furnace door operation adapt industrial remote control device, remote remote control operation, convenient feeding and opening door control operation.

Burning system

working principle,composition and structure, function, position and characteristics of burning furnace.
1 The regenerative combustion system is composed of 2 heat storage bed, 2 groups of gas burner, flame programmer and PLC control system; significant characteristics of regenerative combustion system is fully by the combustion of waste heat recovery and the combustion air, energy saving, environmental protection;
2 Smelting furnace equipped with 1 sets of regenerative combustion system; using 2 regenerative gas burner, a single burner 7000kw power. The combustion system is composed of the combustion air, exhaust air, ignition and cooling, automatic control valve, automatic flow control system, electromagnetic valve, leak detection device, pressure switch, electric valve, main valve using Honeywell products
3 The regenerative combustion system using two alternate combustion burner, one burner, combustion exhaust gas from the exhaust fan through another burner suction to the regenerative heat, used for preheating combustion supporting wind, after combustion air temperature heat storage bed storage into the burner can reach 900 ºC; the temperature of exhaust gas discharged from heat storage bed less than 250 ºC;
4 The burner and the heat storage bed switch controlled by PLC system, each burner is equipped with a set of automatic flame monitor, security control and valve supporting device. According to the requirements of different smelting process, burner control system using the size of fire control; when the aluminum water reaches the set temperature, the control system of automatic adjust or close the flame, ensures that the temperature of aluminum water temperature control in the set value of ± 5 ºC;
The first feeding system with small fire burning furnace, most of the space is occupied with the aluminum material, but will affect the combustion work condition variation, according to the small fire burning furnace air-fuel ratio regulation, can effectively save the energy, make the gas fully burning.
5 Heat storage bed body with steel plate welded with heat insulation materials, lining, the external shell surface temperature less than 80 ºC, with about three 1000kg two aluminum oxide solid sphere regenerator, regenerative body, lower the changing loading door, replacement and cleaning for alumina ball. Each burner is directly connected with the regenerator. The alumina ball storage performance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, after selection, washing, drying and can be used repeatedly;
6 The combustion system with good interlocking protection function and other detection function, can ensure that the burner full combustion and safe operation.
7 Diameter of regenerative ball is 25mm.
8 Combustion system for gas peak flow of 450 cubic meters per hour.
9 Specification:

  1. Fuel: natural gas
  2. The gas calorific value: 7000kcal/Nm3
  3. The gas consumption: less than 65 cubic meters / ton
  4. Type: regenerative burner
  5. Regenerative ball component: Aluminum oxide,aluminum ratio 75%
  6. Burner capacity: 7000kw/h
  7. Burner thermal efficiency:
  8. The temperature of the combustion air preheat: an average of 400 ºC
  9. The temperature of the combustion air preheat: an average of 400 ºC
  10. The exhaust gas temperature <250 ºC

Combustion-supporting air
1 Pipeline using 5mm pipe production. Normal pipeline used ten years free maintenance.
2 Fan with damping device
3 Specification

  1. Fan type:Combustion-supporting air fan(Made by Giansun)
  2. Fan volume: 5012m3/hr
  3. Air pressure: 7818pa
  4. Motor power: 22KW
  5. Cooling method of fan bearing:Direct oil immersed type cooling + circulating water cooling

Insulation groove

1 Smelting furnace is equipped with an outfall, the aluminum water into the furnace or casting through special channels, material, shape and size of melting furnace mouth bricks releasing.
2 Mouth brick with carbide casting structure, setting castable installed with the furnace casting construction, because of its good thermal conductivity, so can avoid eye congestion, special structure and easy cleaning and maintenance repair.
3 Smelting furnace outlet groove and the furnace outlet interface and good sealing, no leakage of aluminum.
4 Mouth shape: roundness inside and squareness outside.

 Die casting plate
1, Crystallizer Aluminum alloy part
2, Dummy bar head 45#Round steel workpiece
3, Cooling water pipe Galvanized
4, Steel thickness of water tank 25mm steel plate
5, Steel thickness of base 14mm steel plate
6, The floating board Steel part
7, Refractory material Resistance No. 1
8, Base of die casting plate Black heavy anticorrosive paint

6.5 Mechanical accuracy

1 Main steel plate cutting precision ±1mm
2 Main steel tooling hole machining precision ±0.1mm
3 Crystallizer processing precision ±0.2mm
4 Dummy bar head processing precision ±0.1mm
5 Floating board processing precision ±0.2mm
6 Base processing precision ±0.2mm

6.6 Special tool (parts)
Aluminum billet lifting tooling

Ti-B Wire Feeding Device

1 Product introduction
The device is made specially for feeding Ti, B on the aluminum casting chute, and is suitable for feeding and transport things like wire or wire-shape refiner. The transport speed can be adjusted according to different aluminum alloy and aluminum liquid speed and thus can control the Ti and B feeding volume precisely. The transport speed can be set freely and indicated on the parameter meter. And when the Ti and B wire is used out or appears idly rotating or non-rotating, the system will sound-light alarm automatically .
2 Parameter

Type TX-10
Wine Diameter 9.5mm Adjustable
Incoming Wire Voltage AC380V 50Hz.Ac460V/60Hz
Control Mode Transducer
Motor Capacity 1.1-1.5kw
Reduce Speed Machine WPDA/80  1:60
Power AC 220V/50Hz
weight 270kg(Without Wire)
Size 1800mm*550mm*2600mm

Automatic casting system
1 Product introduction:
The automatic casting system which was developed by our company,can control casting water,casting speed,all of the casting process do not need manual operation,the system will automatically store all of the casting curve,equipment operation history,failure alarm history for tracking.The system have advantage of high safety factor,high qualified,good stability.
2 Control system
First enter into process set formula set interface,and set process ID:corresponding casting die,casting alloy grade,casting water capacity,casting speed and some other casting options,then ready to start.Start automatic casting method when aluminum liquid flow into chessboard,the system will control casting parameters according to preset instruction,and begin after count down.
3 Main components


Touch screen HMI
Casting length measure
Casting speed measure
Casting weight measure
Safe water controller
Flow controller
Emergency Valve
Actuator valve
Water flow meter
Pressure sensor
Temperature sensor

4.Company Introduction:

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We ROYAL focus on research, design, manufacture, development and export of aluminium profiles extrusion production machinery and supply related spare parts.We not only can supply the complete equipment of aluminium extrusion production project and offer very competitive price to suit budget with thoughtful aftersale service.

In addition, we have experienced engineers with over 30 years experience,can offer professional extrusion technology suggestions and consultation for the equipment selection, plant layout design and product manufacturing.At the same time, we have our own special foreign installation team for line installation,commissioning and training etc.