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Hydraulic oil filter for aluminium extrusion press Hydraulic oil cleaning

Oil filtration for aluminium extrusion press Hydraulic oil cleaning Machine Hydraulic oil particle (Impurities) cleaning Machine


Oil filtration for aluminium extrusion press Hydraulic oil cleaning Machine Hydraulic oil particle (Impurities) cleaning Machine

This hydraulic oil filter for aluminium extrusion press Hydraulic oil cleaning is used for regeneration and purification of unqualified hydraulic oil, anti-wear oil, engine oil and other insulating oil.

Main performance characteristics of hydraulic oil filter for aluminium extrusion press Hydraulic oil cleaning

① Use the low-temperature oil-water separation technology,this can effectively remove the molecular water in the oil.
② Stainless steel and polymer materials are used as filter elements, which can effectively remove impurities in the oil, with long service life. No additives need to be added in the process of use. The particle size of impurities in the treated oil is ≤ 5 microns, and the cleanliness reaches nas6 level.
③ The heating system is made of stainless steel to ensure uniform heating. The oil temperature can be controlled between 0 ~ 80 ℃ and adjusted arbitrarily, so as not to carbonize the oil.
④ With the combination of three-dimensional flash technology and vacuum vaporization, the water content of the oil treated by our company can be less than 50ppm.
⑤ The machine adopts full-automatic self-locking protection of the whole machine, which can realize online operation for more than 200 hours.

Main features of hydraulic oil filter for aluminium extrusion press Hydraulic oil cleaning

① Filtration system
The three-stage filtration plus molecular adsorption technology is adopted, and the filter element is densified step by step to ensure the filtration accuracy.
② Low temperature oil treatment technology
Conventional aggregation separation and flash evaporation can effectively remove normal water in oil, but molecular water is not easy to remove; Micro water also has a great impact on the oil, which not only causes the oil to fail to meet the standard after treatment, but also is easy to emulsify again, and the service life is also very short; Our company adopts low-temperature oil treatment technology to easily solve the difficulty of molecular water removal and completely remove the micro water in the oil. Not only does the oil meet the standard quickly, but also the service life is longer, so as to more effectively protect the mechanical equipment and prolong the maintenance cycle.
③ Compound three-dimensional flash
Our compound three-dimensional flash is equivalent to twice the plane flash. The dehydration speed of our second generation vacuum oil filter is faster than that of ordinary oil filter, and the dehydration is more complete. At the same time, it also reduces energy consumption and realizes real environmental protection and energy saving.
④ Special filter element material
Our company uses customized materials as the filter element, the primary filter element is made of stainless steel, and the fine filter element is made of chemical fiber.
⑤ Unique heating system.
Many oil filter heating systems are heated by carbon steel heating pipe. This heating method is not only easy to carbonize the oil in the heating process, but also may produce harmful gases; The reason is that the heating temperature of each part is very uneven, that is, the temperature at the front end of the heater is relatively high and the temperature at the lower end is relatively low. The high temperature at the front end has carbonized the oil, but the temperature at the rear end is not enough. Therefore, it may not only cause damage to the oil, but also fail to effectively dehydrate; In order to avoid this situation, our company uses stainless steel materials and low-density power as heating elements, which can ensure that the temperature at each point of the heating system is consistent, so that the oil passing through the heating system can be heated evenly, supplemented by a precision digital temperature controller, which can be adjusted arbitrarily from 0 to 80 ℃, so that the oil can reach the ideal dehydration temperature, Without damaging the oil.
⑥ Digital display intelligent temperature controller
The digital display intelligent temperature controller can set the upper and lower limits of the heating temperature arbitrarily within the required range, which changes the traditional pointer type
The defect that the temperature controller can only set one heating point prevents the heating system from jumping frequently near the heating point, and the oil heating is more uniform. It can be adjusted arbitrarily between 0 ~ 80 ℃. The real-time temperature is displayed in digital, which can more intuitively monitor the real-time temperature of the oil.
⑦ Combination of liquid level and solenoid valve
At present, some domestic oil filters are generally controlled by a single solenoid valve. This control method is very unstable and often produces oil leakage, which will not only pollute the vacuum pump oil and shorten the service life of the vacuum pump, but also pollute the environment of the workplace. We use the effective control of the combination of infrared and solenoid valve to make the operation of the oil filter more stable, and there will be no oil leakage from the vacuum pump, so as to realize the safety of full-automatic on-line oil filtering and truly achieve the separation of man and machine.
⑧ Reliable protection device
In order to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, the machine mainly adopts the following protective measures:
① The heater adopts an oil level detection device. When the heater has no oil, it will be locked to prevent dry burning due to misoperation.
② It is equipped with overpressure protection device. When the equipment is overpressured for some reason, it will stop in time and the equipment can not be started until the fault is eliminated.
③ The electrical is equipped with overload, phase loss and leakage protection devices.
④ The whole electrical system is fully interlocked to ensure the safe operation of the equipment and realize unattended on-line oil filtration.
⑨ Low energy consumption design
Due to the great temperature difference between North and South regions in winter, the energy consumption of vacuum oil filter is mainly reflected in its heating power consumption. As an energy-saving equipment, its own energy consumption is also very important on the basis of ensuring its oil purification effect; In order to achieve real energy conservation and consumption reduction and maximize economic benefits for customers, our company constantly updates technology and improves according to many years of design experience and the actual operation of products in various industries and regions, so that our products can not only ensure excellent purification capacity, but also reduce the energy consumption of its equipment within a reasonable range.


Main Index After Oil Treatment of hydraulic oil filter for aluminium extrusion press Hydraulic oil cleaning

No. Index datas
1 Water ≤50PPM
2 Air ≤0.1%
3 Demulsification time ≤30mins
4 Particle size of impurities ≤3μm
5 Oil cleanliness ≤6NAS


Technical Parameters Of hydraulic oil filter for aluminium extrusion press Hydraulic oil cleaning

No Descriptions Unit Datas
1 Model number / XL50-3
2 flow L/H 3000
3 Work vacuum Mpa -0.06 ~-0.095
4 Work pressure Mpa ≤0.5
5 Work temperature ℃ 20-70
6 Moisture PPM ≤5
7 Cleanliness rate NAS ≤6
8 Heating power KW 30
9 Total power KW 33
10 Inlet and outlet diameter mm 32
11 Machine weight KGS 400
12 Machine size mm L1350xW860xH1350