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Multi log aluminium billet heating furnace with hot shear

Multi log aluminium billet heating furnace with hot shear


Multi log aluminium billet heating furnace with hot shear 1000T


Function of Multi log aluminium billet heating furnace with hot shear:Used for heating aluminum billet and shear billet

Main Parts of multi log aluminium billet heating furnace:billet storage table, billet feeding table and billet discharging table,billet moving system, heating system, shear system,electrical control system.

Introduction:Multi hot log shear furnace is made of heat system, mechanical,automatic control,hydraulic,photoelectric, temperature testing etc. Mainly consist of billet storage table, billet transmission rack, furnace body(including furnace rack, thermal insulation , billet moving device, air channel and air distribute system, burning system, fan and air circulation system etc.), hot shear, hydraulic station and electrical control system. Work steadily, easily. Long time use life, easy maintenance.

Billet can be loaded from side, back or front, final loading method on basis of customer space, use superior steel welded, storage table use slope method, can put 5~7 billets. At the bottom of billet table, there is long shaft, three synchronous roller on the long shaft, to push billet one by one, long shaft connect with transmission device and transport device , drive by motor.
Furnace wall use superior steel welded, painted by high temperature painting oil, inside use stainless 201, between stainless, it is 350mm thermal insulation material-silicon aluminum fiber blanket
After heating to setting value, through transmission device to shear, vertical hot shear, when billet reach hot shear place, hot shear blade press from upper to bottom, shear long billet, pneumatic drive short billet to extrusion press. At the bottom of oven, also use thermal insulation material to save energy, reduce energy consumption.
Hot shear blade material is H13 die steel, no sticker when shear, cylinder use strong cylinder, to reduce oil-leakage ratio.
Before hot shear working, first active and fixing shear blade open, billet move to hot shear, the fixing shear blade clamp billet, main shear start to cut, also active shear blade clamp billet, when main shear blade cut off billet, active shear blade loose, cylinder push out short billet, turning over cylinder send the short billet to extrusion press, also active shear blade loose, cylinder push the remaining billet back to oven, shear return to position, shear cycle like this period.
Furnace hot air circulation system ‘s burner is PLC burner, full automatically control, inside burning room, hot air which come out from burner, mix with the hot air recycle oven, distribute hot air to channel, spraying hot air to heat billet, through heat exchanger, hot air go to burning room again for recycle, because spraying hot air to billet directly, so the temperature of billet is even, heat at short time, save energy.
Furnace use 2 pieces of thermal couple for testing temperature, use two-section burner, realize temperature control in section, , chimney use hot air recycle device, reduce consumption.
All things controlled by PLC, realize full automatic, every state can be showing in touch screen,easy operation.